Your time is your life. Don’t let time melt away like ice. Organise your day. Structure it. Assign an activity to each period, including worship. This is a method for constantly remembering Allah, for this is essential in attaining spiritual happiness. Below are the 4 steps of this method. This will enable you to get BARAKAH in your time. A rare commodity!

Wake up and remember your Lord, Allah.

  1. Purify yourself, then
  2. Pray the sunnah at home, and then make your way to the congregational mosque in tranquility

    Don’t fail this profitable act for there is a great benefit in it in the pursuit of knowledge. Therefore, don’t be negligent in this great action. Indeed, the fruit of knowledge is in acting upon it.

Until sunrise, use your time in 4 ways.

  1. Supplication
  2. Glorification
  3. Recitation
  4. Reflectation (on your mistakes) and the nearness of your end. Carefully plan your day with the intention to obey Allah (SWT).

By daylight

  1. Seek useful knowledge. It is the highest form of worship. It increases God consciousness
  2. If unable to do this, then perform extra acts of worship (such as dhikr)
  3. Making believers happy (using good words, relieving their problems, making things easy for them, visiting the sick, feeding the poor)
  4. Earn a honest living to provide for yourself and your family, for it is also a form of worship. However, beware of wordly greed, for it will ruin your religion.

At sunset

When the sun turns red, try Glorifying Allah whilst seeking forgiveness. Set time for family, the community and worldly necessities. Then, before you sleep, review your knowledge

Writing down the most important life lessons of this day will dramatically increase your personal growth; learn from your sins by not repeating them; in this italic is the note takers commentary.

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